About Me

The inspiration for my work comes from nature ~ mainly the sea and living right close to its edge allows me to just do that. I love to create special, unique pieces of jewellery for “Sea Goddesses” everywhere. I believe that our own feelings can be transformed into art, be it in any form. I find music very stimulating; words and poetry too encourage me to make my designs.
Living here, in Seaford, East Sussex being surrounded by the downland’s natural beauty and the coastline, cannot fail to inspire anyone who enjoys this enchanting area of England. We are blessed with the seas moods and the smoothness and clarity of the chalky white downland. The sea is especially important to me and you will see how I interpret its elements to create individual pieces. I also have a great love of Cornwall which you will see reflected in some of my work.


In my designs I use semi-precious gems that are sourced from around the world. Also Bali silver and Karen silver from Thailand along with sterling silver. Pearls are one of my own personal favourites and I enjoy combining them with other “sea gems” to get the look I’m after. I also adore lampwork which is handcrafted glass that comes in the most beautiful shades and textures. Glass has a wonderful reflective property, especially when it catches the light and I am proud to say I use mainly British lampwork in my creations with each focal or set being often totally unique.


Designing pieces gives me the greatest pleasure, which I hope will be passed onto those who wear my jewellery. Making you feel chic and elegant, feminine and sexy! Thank you for browsing through my website and please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can create a special something just for you, or if you have any questions about my work. I do hope that you chose to become a SeaMaiden too !