Jewellery Care

As any SeaMaiden will know, it’s extremely important to look after her treasures with care.. Here are a few tips you may find helpful…


As a general rule, don’t swim in jewellery; the chlorine in the water could damage the gemstones or lampwork.. Also apply any make up or perfumes/creams prior to putting on your jewellery.. It’s also the same with cleaning chemicals .. That leads me on to mentioning housework or gardening.. ! It’s pretty much common sense really.. If you want your jewels to look their best !


People have asked me “how should I clean my jewellery?” ~ I would say to wipe it clean with a clean soft cloth or use a special jewellery cleaner dip… reading the manufacturers instructions first of course.  It’s not suitable for all gemstones..


It’s important when not wearing jewellery to store it carefully.. a box or silk bag.. Those little plastic zip bags seem to prevent tarnishing, so they are handy.. However pearls need to breath and therefore store them in a soft bag and not with other jewellery as they can get scratched.. leaving jewellery out in the natural sunlight can cause it to fade and loose its colour or condition..


Also, remember that if you catch your jewellery on clothing it can get damaged, so check it before you put it away.. to make sure nothing is loose..


Finally, if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me..