Ianthe’s Garden ~ wrap bracelet


Sari raw silk wrap bracelet..

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A pretty young sea nymph called Ianthe lived far below in the deep blue ocean.. this ocean was far away, it was the only place she knew.. she would swim to the surface where the sunlight bathed her pale skin and she breathed the fresh clear air and it was where she could feel the rain droplets on her beautiful face and hair.. she loved collecting sea anemones and magical seaweeds which were the colour of soft aqua greens and the deepest of mauves .. she would swim along collecting them, wrapping them around her wrists so she wouldn’t lose them..she added pearls and magical seaglass always adding beautiful things… The sea water garden where she swam still exists today and this is one of her creations it was discovered in a secret place far far away………. gorgeous ceramic focal set with freshwater pearls, the most amazing textile beads, glass flowers and ceramic and beads..

simply tie a bow or knot the bracelet and then adjust the beads for the desired look..


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