key to my heart necklace

The Key To My Heart


a pretty and romantic necklace

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Such a pretty and romantic necklace with oh so gorgeous ceramic beads in a lovely shade of delphinium. Perfect for a love token.. or maybe for a special daughter or friend ? … An antiqued warm copper chain is set with a stunning ceramic embossed handcrafted heart and with that I have put a key with a cut out heart, a lilac glass flower, and a toning blue bead with a copper daisy charm. Further up the chain and off set are more beads and a teeny copper swallow who holds in his beak a little peachy pink crystal. To finished and tie this necklace I have used a purple sari silk ribbon..but all that needs to be done is simply slip it on..
So much to discover with this necklace..! spot the birdie anyone ?
Necklace length – 80cms


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